Podcast Crossover: All About Minerals & The HTMA Test with Tara Thorne & Lisa Pitel-Killah



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Join Lisa and Tara on Tara Thorne’s podcast The Horomone Balance Podcast as they discuss:

Unraveling the Mystery of Mineral Testing:

Lisa takes us through her journey of discovering the HTMA test, a non-invasive diagnostic tool that provides vital information about mineral sufficiency and toxic metal levels in the body. You’ll also gain valuable insights into choosing the right lab for accurate results.

The Intricate Dance of Minerals and Nutrients:

Lisa emphasizes the importance of understanding the intricate interplay between minerals and nutrients for optimal bodily functions. From the role of magnesium in vitamin D utilization to the impact of estrogen, copper, and zinc on bodily balance, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the power of minerals in maintaining wellness.

The Impact of Water and Well Water on Mineral Levels:

Discover the surprising influence of water, specifically well water, on hair mineral test results. Lisa shares her personal experiences and provides actionable tips for ensuring accurate testing.

The Dangers of Mineral Isolation:

Learn about the potential pitfalls of fixating on single minerals in isolation and the complex interrelationships between different minerals. This eye-opening discussion will change the way you approach mineral supplementation.

Reversing the Aging Process through Mineral Balancing:

Delve into the incredible potential of mineral balancing in slowing down the aging process and promoting overall health. From preventing premature graying of hair to positively impacting heart health and detoxification, Lisa’s journey underscores the transformative power of mineral balance.