Join host Lisa Pitel Killah as she talks with high performance pros from around the globe to bring you everything you need to know to maximize your health, increase performance, reverse debilitating symptoms and gain energy.  

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Mind-Body Mastery with Jeffrey Williams

watch… listen… learn more… With a passion spanning over two decades, Jeffrey Williams is a transformation artist deeply immersed in unraveling the human body’s potential. Through intensive study of traditional and

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The Human Optimization Podcast hosted by Lisa Pitel Killah  delves deep into the world of health, wellness and fitness. Through engaging conversations with professionals in these fields, our goal is to be a resource for our listeners to learn how to live to their fullest, one episode at a time. From cutting edge research to time-tested practices, we explore the secrets to help you maximize your health, enhance performance, reverse debilitating symptoms and gain energy. 

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